About Language Bubble: Language Bubble started as a blog about language learning, but has grown to incorporate language teaching. There are plenty of blogs that focus on one or the other; they rarely focus on both. Language Bubble is trying to bridge the gap.

About Andrew: I’m originally from the UK. I have Polish blood. I grew up in Australia, and have lived across Asia and Europe. My home is Korea. My wife is Korean. My son is like me… confused.

I’ve been involved in language learning since I was a child, with English, Polish, French, and German playing parts early in the piece. In my teens, Japanese played a minor role. In university, my language fascination took off, and I studied Korean, Indonesian, and Japanese, alongside linguistics. From there, I’ve touched many languages, either flirtatiously or more passionately: Arabic, Malay, Mandarin, Thai, Tok Pisin…

Since 2005, and a massive shift away from a mediocre athletic career, I’ve been involved in language education in both Australia and Korea. Korea is home, as I mentioned, and it is here where I focus on research and completing my PhD. It’s in my mind however, where I escape to my little foreign language bubble, and trouble myself with other tongues.