Conference Notes: Linguistics and Education

ConferencesOver the last year or so I have given papers at a number of conferences throughout the region. These conferences have primarily involved discussions within TESOL and Applied Linguistics but have also crossed-over into the related realms of general education, lifelong learning and learning disorders.

There have been some great presentations at the conferences I’ve attended (..and some not-so-great!). And I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many knowledgeable and wonderful people within my profession. However, as with many conferences… the presentations go relatively unheralded due to limited publication numbers. So, I’m going to be writing some notes from my files on the conferences as well as perhaps uploaded some of my own presentation slides; I won’t be uploading all of the papers I’ve given due to some of the already having been published and in those cases I’ll probably just give a brief summary and the full reference (with link if available online).

I’ll go through my files and pull out some notes from the conferences listed below, and if you want any more information than that I provide… please let me know :)

Anyway, the conferences I have notes from that I’ll post about include:

  • The Second International Conference on Language and Communication, Bangkok, Thailand, 2010
  • The 18th PAC-KOTESOL International Conference, Seoul, Korea, 2010
  • The Second Asian Conference on Education, Osaka, Japan, 2010
  • The 2011 Winter International Conference on Linguistics in Seoul, Korea, 2011

Others I will be giving papers at over the next few months include:

  • The 2011 KOTESOL National Conference, Daejeon, Korea
  • The Fourth International Conference of English as Lingua Franca, Hong Kong
  • The 9th Asia TEFL International Conference, Seoul, Korea
  • The 2011 Korea English Education Society International Conference, Cheongju, Korea

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