Class Activities: Dictation with Speaking

Here’s an activity that incorporates three skills in one: listening, writing and speaking… with some reading thrown in if you twist it a little bit.

The steps are pretty simple, it’s simple to incorporate and easy to control.

  • use a recording of a conversation with the question parts removed… so basically you are playing one side of a conversation.
  • students do a typical dictation exercise for the parts that are played.
  • as a class you can correct the dictation so everyone has the right answers (or give the students the script to read so they can cross-check).
  • work as a class to verify meanings.
  • now the students create questions through speaking to suit the answers (or answers to suit questions if you’re doing the activity that way)… basically, they just complete the conversation.
  • verify the completed conversation on the board so students can get the more suitable questions for the answers (or if having students answer questions, you can have them write on the board some of the possible solutions).

As a final activity, play the complete conversation and have students practice speaking with or after the dialogue. Then working with the complete script so they can read and speak simultaneously.

The final part of this activity exposes the students to shadowing, which is likely to be something they haven’t encountered all that much. But if given this activity they may come to see the benefits on their own rather than just listening to their teacher mindlessly preaching about the benefits.


Author: Andrew

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